Ford Otosan Romania Assembly Lines Get Ready into “Electric Future” with RoT STUDIO’s Virtual Reality Training Solutions

Introducing a new model to the production line and prepare the workforce to build new models on assembly lines are common challenges in the industry. Ford Romania was aiming to ensure that the assembly workforce improves their understanding of the assembly processes of the new models in the most effective way.
Therefore, the company decided to transform the assembly training environment from physical methods to faster and more flexible 3D Virtual Reality platforms to stay competitive, meet changing demands and regulations, and maintain consumer interest and loyalty.

Tosyalı Holding Leads the Iron and Steel Industry with its On-Site Trainings, Designed on the “RoT STUDIO Virtual Reality” Platform

Iron and steel industry, the backbone of today’s economic sector, combine many processes and technologies to produce high qualified and value-added products. Therefore, sustainable vocational trainings and workplace safety are key factors for a more qualified workforce.

Thanks to RoT STUDIO Virtual Reality solutions, Tosyalı Holding has initiated the virtual reality field trainings in Turkish iron and steel industry, where the practice is not yet widespread.

Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Carried the Anatomy Lessons to Virtual Reality (VR) with RoT STUDIO

Today, Virtual Reality (VR) technology has begun to transform medical education, providing students with more realistic and interactive lecture environments. According to research announced by Market Data Forecast in January 2022, the global education market, mostly driven by Virtual Reality (VR) technology, is estimated to be worth $320 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $414 billion by 2026.

Gazi University is one of the leading institutions of virtual reality-based medical education. The first anatomy lesson in Turkey that includes an interactive virtual reality application was given by Prof. Tuncay Peker in 2019 at Gazi University Anatomy Department on RoT STUDIO platform.

Curious How RoT STUDIO Supports Your Virtual Prototyping Needs?

How is the cockpit designed in the virtual reality room of TOFAS, which has chosen our RoT STUDIO virtual reality software for its virtual prototyping needs? Watch the video and visit our blog for more details.

RoT STUDIO Implements Perceived Quality and Ergonomics Test System with OptiTrack for TOFAŞ

Most automotive manufacturers are using virtual reality technologies as part of their concept product development process. After design process, engineers start to evaluate the interior design, ergonomic aspects and even road behavior of the vehicle inside of virtual reality before physically constructing the vehicle.

Curious How RoT STUDIO Supports Engineers in Automotive Design Processes?

Curious how RoT supports engineers in automotive design processes? RoT Designer, Ergonomy and Connect modules bring an end-to-end solution for automotive design teams! Watch the video and visit our blog for more details.


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