RoT STUDIO Implements Perceived Quality and Ergonomics Test System with OptiTrack for TOFAŞ

Most automotive manufacturers are using virtual reality technologies as part of their concept product development process. After design process, engineers start to evaluate the interior design, ergonomic aspects and even road behavior of the vehicle inside of virtual reality before physically constructing the vehicle.

RoT Studio – a virtual reality product family that allows integration with OptiTrack by its “Designer, Connect and Ergonomics” modules are implemented to one of the biggest automotive manufacturers in Turkey- TOFAŞ with 12 Prime 17W cameras, 4 active pucks and lots of passive trackers to capture data in a 6 x11m area. Vive Pro and XTAL glasses are used as HMDs in the system.

The system includes one seating buck which has a forward-backward and height-adjustable seat and steering wheel. Tracking of human body with suit, finger movements with glove, adjustable steering wheel and seats are done through active/passive trackers and OptiTrack cameras. Meanwhile, system can be used with Vive controller. The users of the system can walk around the virtual car prototype and perform geometric analysis and perceived quality studies. Secondly, it is possible to compare the field of vision, visibility and reachability of the existing car with the same class vehicle in the market. All of these processes can be done in virtual reality environment without using physical prototype and buying the same class vehicle in the market.

System was developed with support of the scientific and technological research council of Turkey. The user of the system and also the project partner is Türk Otomobil Fabrikaları A.Ş. (TOFAŞ) in Turkey. The system includes software running on hardware. Software of the system includes one editor and one VR viewer software which is called RoT Studio (Realization of Things).

Requirements of software in the system was studied with the partner. Now, RoT Editor offers users to import 3D CAD data easily and see it in immersive environment. RoT Studio software allows the users to share same immersive environment to make design review more than one people by using brush tool inside of RoT VR Viewer. In addition, through the automotive menu in RoT VR viewer, “H Point” is defined for two different vehicles and the “H Point” defined in the selected menu is reached by using controller. After going to the defined “H Point” point, visibility from the front and side windows and reachability analyzes by using hands can be performed on virtual prototype without going to physical.

As a result, system (all hardware that deployed in a 6 x11m area and RoT Studio software solution) provides cover the creation of assemblies (including components and devices), analysis and simulation (e.g. assembly procedures, movement and space investigations, collision checks mounting and installation simulation).

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