Exploring the Future of Design with Virtual and Extended Reality

Exploring the Future of Design

with Virtual & Extended Reality


About our Sales Support Engineer

by Murat Can Akatay

Sales Support Engineer – RoT STUDIO

As an engineer and designer, although my perspective on virtual reality was limited at first, after I met it, it became a part of all the disciplines I know and have studied. It has now become an indispensable part of me in the early recognition of errors in design processes and the development of prototypes of the design to be made. Fortunately, I had the chance to use virtual reality in my university graduation project and it has since become a part of my life.

The most important part of virtual reality that I can’t give up anymore is to see my ideas as if they have come to life. Even though I can see the designs and 3D models I have made on the monitor with various software programs, it is totally different hold them in your hand or even to be next to them in virtual reality. Not only that, but you get to view the textures and colors on the models in a lifelike way and can create the color configurations of our designs. You can quickly finalize your projects by taking major actions on virtual reality in different lighting, in indoor and outdoor spaces.

If we were to talk a little bit about design and modeling, my opinion is that every age group is learning the trendy modeling programs of their generation. Each generation is trying to improve the software they know and it causes a sweet competition. At this point, gathering different generations on a single stage with RoT STUDIO increases the satisfaction of modeling.

Especially when it comes to RoT STUDIO License, with this program I was able to overcome my coding deficiency, which I have always complained about. It has been a huge opportunity for me to get into the scenes I modeled with a single click and spend hours in there. In the training module of our license, I can create all the trainings for my upcoming designs without coding. In other words, I can benefit from virtual reality until the final stage of production from the design I drew on a piece of paper.

While working with people from diverse disciplines during modeling, with RoT STUDIO, I can easily overcome the file extension problems that every designer and engineer experiences while working with people from various fields. And while working internally, you can easily upload data from your customers to our virtual reality scenes without any restrictions.

Finally, with the extended reality (XR) technologies we have reached today, we can take our design skills to the next level. By bringing any product or mechanical part we want to the environment in which we are present, so we get the chance to work in a more convenient area. Additionally, we can make better quality design and production analysis compared to virtual reality by placing our designs on another component before they are produced.

In the light of all this information, we need to give plenty of space to virtual and mixed reality in the new world of design and mechanics. They are both cost and process-efficient technologies for everyone and every field.

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